Which is the best turntable?

Are you looking for a turntable? If so then you probably want the best one possible. In a sense “best” can be subjective. However, when in the market for a turntable it’s certainly important to look for certain features in a unit such as a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. This will help to provide the best one for your needs. Here are some important features to consider:

1. Belt drive/Direct drive

When searching for the best turntables, one of the main issues to consider is the type. The main varieties are belt drive and direct drive. This involves differences in how the turntable turns the platter. A belt drive works with the platter sitting atop a bearing as it turns. The motor is located on one side. The platter links to a motor that rotates it via an elastic belt. It works as a shock absorber in order to keep the noise/vibration made by the motor from getting to the platter. This helps in less noise moving to the tone-arm and through the audio system.

Meanwhile, a direct drive turntable puts the platter on the turntable motor’s shaft directly. Thus, no belt is needed in order to spin records. The design provides very steady speed for precise sound and lower flutter/wow. DJs tend to use direct drive turntables. That’s because they allow the user to spin the platter backwards. That allows them to make sound effects, and they tend to be more reliable based on their basic design.

2. Make/Model

Other important issues to consider when choosing a turntable are the manufacturer and model. There might be certain manufacturers that you prefer, which is certainly reasonable. However, you might be surprised to find certain models you’d consider purchasing from brands you’re familiar with and those that you’re not familiar with. What’s important is to consider the particular features and such of a particular model. That will help you to determine whether or not it’s a good choice.


3. Platter weight

The bad news is that some manufacturers don’t provide this particular spec. However, a general rule you should follow is, a heavier platter is better. The reason is that platters with greater mass usually help to keep the record speed from having much variation. It also keeps the record away from motor vibration. This will help to result in playback that’s quieter. Another tool you can use to reduce the noise level is a platter mat. Some turntable models also allow you to upgrade by giving you the option to replace the current platter with one that has a higher quality.

4. USB interface

A USB connection is a good choice in order to transfer records to computer storage/playback. Some USBs plug into PCs, while others record to a USB thumb rive. Most USB interfaces also include software to edit/organize music as it’s recorded. This is certainly an excellent method for creating digital copies of your old-school records. You can still enjoy the music contained on them, without dealing with many issues related to the various problems linked to vinyl records. It’s definitely a plus as you can enjoy crisper and cleaner copies of the same music you’ve been enjoying for years and maybe even decades.

5. Playback speed

In terms of this issue search for turntables that can provide the right rotation speed for the particular records you plan to play. The majority of turntables have a 33-1/3 as well as a 45 RPM capability. However, if you have 78 RPM records for playing, keep track of the numbers as the majority of new turntables don’t have this speed. In addition, if you buy a table used for spinning 78s, get a specialized stylus/cartridge.

6. Price

The price of the turntable is based on many factors, including the brand, model, features, and many other issues. It’s highly advisable to set a budget before you start shopping for a turntable. That will help you to avoid spending more than you can realistically afford to spend. It’s certainly reasonable to buy a little more than you’ve set the budgeted amount for the turntable. However, it’s highly advisable to try to stay under budget as much as possible. You can find expensive high-end record players and cheap turntables with basic features. What’s important is to determine which unit would be right for your particular needs.

Where To Buy Your Waist Trainers?

Finally, a great way to get that perfect body that will not give you any side effects and will guarantee you of great results with regular use. Waist trainers are perfect to ensure that you will get the body that you need and want to see without too much heartache.

You may be preparing for a big day, a summer vacation or anywhere else that you need to flaunt your body or somewhere that you need to get everyone’s attention. This could be a bit of a pressure especially when you want to make sure that everything is perfectly right and best.

They are highly available online and there are other local shops that carry waist trainiers. You could choose from different functionalities, designs and styles that could perfectly match your needs and what you want to achieve.

Why Buy Your Piece Online?

I got mine online and it is just so easy and very convenient. I am a working mom and going to shopping malls is not that feasible and easy for me.

Buying a perfect waist trainer is just so easy now. The availability of this product is just anywhere. You could get and have your own piece even if you are just at the comfort of your own home.

Getting and ordering your piece online has different advantages:

Convenience – it is just so convenient to get your waist trainers online. You can freely check on different brands that you could choose from to get your designs and functionalities. You can place your orders, pay from your home, and receive your product.

Cheaper – Yes, I got mine a whole lot cheaper online. Going from one shop to another to canvas is just right at my fingertips. This also eliminates my expense for transporting from one local shop to another just to get the cheapest waist trainer available.

More designs – Since I got mine online, I could say that I got the best design and style. A perfect fit and match to sustain my daily requirements. The designs online are unlimited. I am just so happy that I got the perfect design I am really looking for.

Sexy Body Easy To Achieve, Easy To Get

There are times when it could feel that your dream body is playing hard to get. Your dream is now just so easy to achieve with the waist trainer product that I have mentioned here in this post (it was also mentioned on WaistTrainersHQ.com). You do not even need to get out of your home to buy your piece because you could get it in just a few clicks.  You do not need to go far or travel anymore.

Getting that sexy body should not be that hard as well as getting the tool that could help you achieve that body. Thanks to the internet, is just so easy for everyone. Take advantage of this and don’t miss your chance. Even celebrities are now joining the hype of waist trainers – so what more are you waiting for?

A Well-Deserved Relaxation With Rocking Chairs


Relaxation and pampering are the two things that I desire the most. From all the work I do every day, I believe that my body deserves to be pampered every once in a while. My work is not at all easy, it is full of stress and pressure. Being surrounded by competitive people and great bosses, makes me pressured to do all the work to the best of my ability. While I strive to be the best, my body and mind becomes stressed and tired which is definitely not healthy.

In the work I am in, it is difficult to find time to relax because there are just so many things to do. It’s like there’s a never ending pile of tasks and works to finish. Most of my co-workers also cannot just leave their work because there will be no other people to do it. I personally think that I have this long-term and unending relationship with paperwork and office stuff.

The Busy Girl Gets Relaxed

For a busy office girl like me, it is indeed difficult to find a time to pamper myself. Most of the time, I just regard sleeping as the best form of relaxation I could get. However, I am also lack of sleep most of the time which means I only get like five hours of sleep every day. This is because I often need to go for an overtime at work, which definitely adds to the exhaustion.

Good thing I am able to find a very easy way to relax. Whenever I feel tired and stressed, I just sit on my rocking chairs and let it pamper me like a baby. This is the most convenient way to relax because I don’t even need to go out of the house and look for pampering. I only need to sit on the best rocking chair every time especially when I feel burned out.

I think that this chair instantly gives me the deserved relaxation I could get. It makes me feel that all my burden from work and other things are all being taken away. I often feel asleep while I am sitting on the chair because it’s like rocking me for a better sleep.

There are two types of rocking chairs generally. These are the following.

Indoor – This is usually designed for placing inside the house, library, bedroom, and dens. This is usually made of wood to match the interior design of the house.

Outdoor – This is usually placed on places outside the house like the veranda, gazebo, patio, and garden. This is mostly made of plastic and aluminum to be able to resist outdoor changes like the weather condition and pollution.

But let me tell you that it is not at all stressful. Of course, I also have fun and joyful times at work like whenever we go on a party and celebration of sorts. Those are the moments where we all feel that are work is being regarded and appreciated. It makes me feel special, personally.

Bathroom Brilliance With A New Seat

I always feel like my bathroom looks dull because of its same look and I haven’t spent a time to beautify it a bit. This may be unusual for others, but I won’t be ashamed to tell that I belong to the group of people who find the bathroom pleasurable. While most people think that it is the part of the house that needs the least improvement, the case is not the same with me. I personally think that just like the other parts of the house, the bathroom too needs to be personalized.

So this is how the idea of redecorating strike me. Having the bathroom undergone full redecoration and renovation may cost me a lot. It is true that I will get a stunning result with full renovation but I think my money is willing to do so. Furthermore, it will also require professional work that is another cost of fortune.

Renovating On A Budget

Now, the question is – how am I going to get a fresh and vibrant effect in my bathroom without the hassle of full replacement of fittings, fixtures, and wall repainting? I searched for possible things that I could simply add and modify inside the bathroom. This is quite challenging though because it will still definitely cost me some, but definitely not that much.

Here comes the best part. While I was looking around, thinking of the things that are best yet easy to modify, I finally found the one and that is the toilet seat. Many of you may not know but it’s just a discovery that I found out recently – that there are the so-called novelty toilet seats. This kind of seat is personalized and designed according to your own liking. Sound artsy, right?

Majority of the home owners want the seats in their bathroom to look neutral to match with any design the bathroom has. But for an explorer and artsy girl like me, I won’t settle for the boring and neutral if there’s better choices offered like these novelty ones. It is called novelty because it comes in different colors and designs that definitely breaks the usual neutral trend. It is also great for people who want to make everything personalized like me.

The Different Designs

As I’ve said earlier, there are different designs to choose from. Of course, I want to share to you what those designs are in case you are also willing to make the artsy switch.

The Extremes – A design wouldn’t be called extreme for no reason. The extreme designs have the most unusual models you could think of. Some are designed to be barbed wires, razor blade, or even an animal’s mouth. Sounds extreme right?

The Artistic – This design embraces the limitless imagination and creativity of humans. The paintings you’re seeing on exhibits can be designed in this seat. You can also incorporate butterflies, eyes, and even nude images. Again, imagination is the limit.

The Tattoos – Now this design is the one that I find pretty cool. It makes use of pieces of electrostatic vinyl that can be removed from the backing paper and stick it to the lid even without an adhesive. It’s like you’re tattooing your own seat.

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